In the past decade the voice and influence of religion has changed on a global scale. With the urbanization of the world, an inner twining of secularism has come face to face with religion. More specifically, European nations who have prided themselves in being a post-Christian society have found themselves living in a post-secular world.

We are a team of like-minded individuals who seek to capture, through film, the state of Christianity in Europe's pluralist society.

We are traveling to several countries throughout Europe in April 2013 to film a full-length documentary. In each country we will interview locals who minister there to bring awareness to the needs, struggles, successes in those communities and encourage the Church to respond. In order to accomplish this, we need to raise enough funds to cover travel and living expenses. We hope you will consider partnering with us in this way. To find out more about how to support our project, CLICK HERE.

Austin Pine

Content Manager & Editor

I am on an adventure in this life. There is so much to discover, to learn, and to experience in this world and I am compelled to take in as much as I can. But I am motivated by more than just my sense of adventure. I am motivated by my faith in God and my desire to know him more deeply. My wife is a pillar of support and a constant inspiration. I am a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and I desire to use my understanding of biblical studies and theology to enrich the lives of others and point them to their God and Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope to combine my biblical understanding with my love for the art of photography and videography as we, as a team, seek to record and reveal the state of the church throughout the historically and theologically rich land of Europe.

Emily Pine


I am a photographer, a director, an entrepreneur, a wife, and most importantly a believer in Jesus Christ. I graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Communications and a transforming knowledge of Christianity. Most of these attributes are simply words that describe what I am capable of, or are terms that illustrate where my heart lies, but they are not my entirety. I have a heart full of passion. My greatest desire is to seek the true things of this world and proclaim them through the arts in a powerful way. I desire to see all my actions working in one accord with my faith. In my art I want to be a sounding board for those who have a small and quiet voice. I want to record and reveal the happenings around the world, so that those who cannot speak can be heard; that those who cannot see can remember; and that those who cannot hear can learn about the world around them.

Janna Thezier

Production Manager

I am passionate about life and seeking to live it to bring glory to God. I graduated from Vanguard University and after worked with a non profit in India and Nepal. Since then I have discovered that what makes me come alive is helping those who cannot help themselves. I love meeting new people and networking to find ways we can work together in order to make a lasting difference. I have an awesome husband who has taught me new and creative ways to do this through film and photography. It is my joy to work by his side to experience the world and use our passions and talents to better the lives of those around us and bring them truth in every work and word.

Mike Thezier

Director of Photography & Editor

I am a husband, photographer, videographer, and designer who thoroughly enjoys communicating through media. Photography became a passion of mine at the end of my time earning my degree in music. I enjoy capturing people in real moments and telling stories through photo and video. I also co-own a wedding photography company called Equals D Photography with a fellow photographer and friend. Beyond photography, my heart is very much in non-profit work. I've had the priviledge, along with my wife (Janna Thezier), to work with a non-profit in India and Nepal for a few years, coming along side locals in their efforts to better the lives of people in their communities. I find so much joy in using photography, videography, and design to further such causes. Ultimately, I want to make every effort to use the gifts I have to furthur the Kingdom of God and that he would use me, and us, for His purposes.

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