Budapest, Hungary

Ethnically, I am a mutt: 1/16th of this, 1/8th of that, a pinch of this, a splash of that. It is amazing that a combo like that turned out so good (note the sarcasm). However, in this beautiful mess I have the deepest connection to my Hungarian roots. I was blessed to know my great grandmother, Ethel Hines Enydi. She was a strong woman who led her family well. She took risks and loved her family. I have many memories of her with her cute house slippers and apron on. We remember her often when my aunt makes Hungarian cakes, stuffed cabbage, and chicken paprikash. Food is a lasting connection to who you are and where your family comes from. And don’t we all praise God for good food.

When planning our documentary outline, I was excited that Budapest was on the list. It was an amazing opportunity to connect with not only the country, but also the city in which my family came from. Between the bumps in the noses, large blue puppy dog eyes, and round bellies, I knew that these were my people. I am a rather sentimental person and had to fight back the tears several times in our 5 days here.

In our short stay we were able to explore the ins and outs of the beautifully open city. Unlike other European cities, Budapest has wide streets and broad views. It gives you a chance to breath. While taking in the beautiful scenery and detailed architecture, you better believe we found Chicken paprikash and stuffed cabbage to feast on. But I think I prefer Ethel’s recipe.

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